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Abani R. Samal


12 March 18




Nigeria is a mineral rich country. The country hosts
major iron ore resources, which places the country in
12th position in the world in terms of total geological
resources. The iron ore resources need to be
developed in order to produce steel for supporting
infrastructure and engineering in the country.
The iron ore deposits in Nigeria are generally of two
major types: BIF and Oolitic. Major known deposits
are Itakpe and Agbaja. Itakpe is a BIF type deposit
with iron ore quality ranging from 25 to 70%, but a
majority is known to be around 40% Fe. In the recent
past, the iron mined at Itakpe was processed and fed
to the steel plants nearby. The iron ore at the Agbaja
deposit may contain approximately 50% Fe, but is yet
to be explored. Recent developments in process
engineering may make the Oolitic iron ore deposits
more feasible than thought before. In this
presentation, location of iron ore deposits, their
geological characteristics, exploration and R&D in the
country will be discussed.

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