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The following UGA road logs are from publications now out-of-print. They were published with UGA Guidebooks from 1972 to 1991.

UGA accepts no responsibility for geological interpretations presented in the road logs; interpretations may have changed since publication of the guidebooks. Remember the roads and landmarks mentioned in the road logs make not presently exist!

UGA publications are available for viewing at the Department of Natural Resources Library, 1594 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, 7:30AM to 4:30PM, M-F, 801.537.3333.

Download files smaller than 11MB. Contact Robyn Keeling, rkeeling_at_utah.govto get ALL or individual Road Logs on CDs.

Out of Print UGA Road Logs Only. The complete publication is not provided.


UGA-2 Plateau-Basin and Range Transition Zone, Central Utah, edited by J.L. Baer and E. Callaghan, 1972, 123 p. UGA-2 ROAD LOG (6MB)
UGA-3 Geology of the Milford area, Utah, edited by L.F. Hintze and J.A. Whelan, 1973, 94p. UGA-3 ROAD LOG (6MB)
UGA-4 Energy Resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah, edited by C.C. Payton, 1974, 73p. UGA-4 ROAD LOG (9MB)
UGA-6 Guidebook to geology of the Oquirrh Mountains and regional setting of the Bingham mining district, Utah, edited by W.W. Atkinson, Jr., 1976, 36p. UGA-6 ROAD LOG (6MB)
UGA-8 Henry Mountains, Utah, Symposium edited by D.M. Picard, 1980, 388 p. UGA-8 ROAD LOG (4MB)
UGA-9 Central Wasatch, Utah, Geology, edited by B.N. Kaliser and D.L. Whiting, 1981 field trip, 1981, 46 p. UGA-9 ROAD LOG (9MB)
UGA-13 Geology of Northwest Utah, Southern Idaho and Northeast Nevada, edited by G.J. Kerns and R.L. Kerns Jr., 1984, 286 p.
UGA-16 Cenozoic geology of western Utah sites for precious metal and hydrocarbon accumulations, edited by R.S. Kopp and R.E. Cohenour, 1987, 648 p. Files are available free on CD, contact
UGA-19 Geology of East-central Utah, edited by T.C. Chidsey, Jr., 1991, 394 p. UGA-19 ROAD LOG (11MB)
UGA-29 Geologic Road, Trail, and Lake Guides to Utah’s Parks and Monuments, edited by Paul B. Anderson and Douglas A. Sprinkel, 2000, CD-ROM. GET ROAD, TRAIL & LAKE GUIDES
UGA-33 Uinta Mountains Geology, edited by Carol M. Dehler, Joel L. Peterson, Douglas A. Sprinkel, Bart J. Kowallis, 2005, 53 p. UGA-33_uinta_mtns_2005 (6MB). Buy the FULL publication from the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore, 448 p.


Still in Print UGA

The following UGA guidebooks contain road logs. They are for sale at the Utah Department of Natural Resources Map & Bookstore, 1594 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah. To order, write to NATURAL RESOURCES MAP AND BOOKSTORE, P.O. Box 146100, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6100. Orders also are accepted by telephone—call (888) UTAHMAP or (801) 537-3320—or by fax (801) 537-3395.

UGA publications are available for viewing at the Department of Natural Resources Library, 1594 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah, 7:30AM to 4:30PM, M-F, 801.537.3333.


UGA-1A Environmental Geology Tour of the Wasatch Front – road logs, edited by L.S. Hilpert, 1971 (Field Conference 1). $1.00.
UGA-7 Guidebook to Mineral Deposits of Southwestern Utah, I.A.G.O.D. Meeting: International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits, Field Excursion C-2, edited by D.R. Shawe, 1978, 75 p. $1.00.
UGA-10 Overthrust Belt of Utah, symposium and field conference, edited by D.L. Nielson, 1982, 335 p., hardbound. $25.00.
UGA-12 Geology and Energy Resources, Uinta Basin of Utah, edited by M.D. Picard, 1985, 338 p.; sold with separate road log, 73 p., hardbound. $25.00.
UGA-17 Geology and Hydrology of Hazardous-waste, Mining-waste, Waste-water and Repository Sites in Utah, edited by G.E. Cordy, 1989, 233 p. $15.00.
UGA-18 Energy and Mineral Resources of Utah, edited by M.L. Allison, 1991, 222 p. $12.00.
UGA-20 Hydrocarbon and Mineral Resources of the Uinta Basin, Utah and Colorado, edited by T.D. Fouch, V.F. Nuccio, and T.C. Chidsey, Jr., 1992, 366 p. hardbound. $30.00.
UGA-21 Engineering and Environmental Geology of Southwestern Utah, edited by K.M. Harty, 1992, 342 p. $25.00.
UGA-23 Cenozoic Geology and Geothermal Systems of Southwestern Utah, edited by R.E. Blackett and J.N. Moore, 1994, 213 p. $30.00.
UGA-24 Environmental and Engineering Geology of the Wasatch Front Region, edited by W.R. Lund, 1995, 541 p. $40.00.
UGA-25 Geology and Resources of the Paradox Basin, edited by A.C. Huffman Jr., W.R. Lund, and L.H. Godwin, 1996, 460 p., hardbound. $45.00.
UGA-27 Geology of Northern Utah and Vicinity, edited by L. E. Spangler, 1999, 407 p. $25.00.
UGA-29 Second Edition, Geologic Road, Trail, and Lake Guides to Utah’s Parks and Monuments, edited by P. B. Anderson and D.A. Sprinkel, 2001, CD-ROM, $14.99.
UGA-30 The Geologic Transition, High Plateaus to Great Basin, the Mackin Symposium, published with the Pacific Section of AAPG, edited by M.C. Erskine, co-edited by J.E. Faulds, J. M. Bartley, P. D. Rowley, 2001, 430 p. $29.99.
UGA-33 Uinta Mountains Geology, edited by Carol M. Dehler, Joel L. Peterson, Douglas A. Sprinkel, Bart J. Kowallis, 2005, 448 p. CDROM $45.00. DOWNLOAD THE ROAD LOG FOR THIS PUBLICATION!
UGA-34 Geology of Northwestern Utah, edited by Kimm M. Harty and David E. Tabet, 2006, CD-ROM $19.95.
UGA-35 Field Guide to Geologic Excursions in Southern Utah, Geological Society of America, Rocky Mountain Section 2007 Annual Meeting, St. George, Utah , William R. Lund, editor, Dave B. Simon, Field Trip Chair. ONLINE ONLY!
UGA-36 Diverse Geology of a Dynamic Landscape 2007, edited by Grant C. Willis, Michael D. Hylland, Donald L. Clark, and Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., 519 p. CDROM $39.95.
UGA-37 Hydrocarbon Systems and Production in the Uinta Basin, Utah, Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, 2008, edited by Mark W. Longman and Craig D. Morgan. 403+ pages, CDROM $25.
UGA-38 Geology and Geologic Resources and Issues in Western Utah, 2009, edited by Bryce Tripp, Ken Krahulec, and Lucy Jordan. 400 + pages, CD-ROM $25.


Geologic Guides to the Central Wasatch Front Canyons, web-compiled by Lance Weaver, UGS.

Geologic Guide to Central Wasatch Front Canyons, Salt Lake County, Utah, booklet, edited by Sandra N. Eldredge, UGS.

St George 30′ x 60′ 3-D Geologic Map And Virtual Field Trip, 3-D geologic maps, edited by Robert F. Biek, UGS.

USGS OF 02-172: Field Guide to Geologic Excursions in Southwestern Utah and Adjacent Areas of Arizona and Nevada, prepared for the Geological Society of America, Rocky Mountain Section Meeting in Cedar City, Utah, May 7-9, 2002, Field Trip Chairman, Peter D. Rowley, Geologic Mapping, Inc., Field Guide Editor, William R. Lund, Utah Geological Survey, 331 p.

The Geology of the Grand Staircase in Southern Utah: A road log and guide for public school teachers, Larry E. Davis, Dept. of Geology, College of St. Benedict, St. Johns University, Collegeville, MN, and Robert L. Eves, Div. of Geosciences, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT, 36p.

Utah Geological Survey (UGS) GEOSITES, a web page of links to articles about unique Utah geology sites taken from Survey Notes and links to downloadable files of UGS Public Information publications, various UGS and non-UGS authors.

Rock Canyon, Utah County, a self-guided hiking tour with an emphasis on geology of the canyon.

USGS, slides of the Fluorspar, Beryllium, and Uranium deposits at Spor Mountain, Utah.

The Greater Salt Lake Ecosystem, Online Learning Module and Virtual Field Trip, Robert E. Ford.

Utah Slots, Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau, Paleontological Research Institution.htm .

Geology and scenery of the central Wasatch Range, Salt Lake and Summit Counties; road log, Miriam Budgen, Information Geologist, UGS.

Geology of Snow Canyon State Park, Miriam Budgen, UGS.

Geologic Journey through the Central Wasatch Range, Miriam Budgen, UGS.

Building stones of downtown Salt Lake City, Christine Wilkerson, UGS.

Geologic Tour through Wasatch Mountain State Park, Julie B. Willis & Grant C. Willis, UGS.

Canyon Country, Sandra N Eldredge, UGS.

Geology of Quail Creek State Park, Robert F. Biek, UGS.

Geology of Goblin Valley State Park, Mark Milligan, UGS.

Wasatch Fault Fly By video, UGS.

Utah Geology.Com, “making utah’s geology more accessible”, authored by Lance Weaver, UGS. A cornucopia of SW Utah and Colorado Plateau geologic information. Road guides over central and southern Utah, SW Colorado, NW New Mexico, and northern Arizona.